Garage door problems: What are the three most common issues and how do you fix them?

Fixing your garage door problems and performing a DIY garage door repair solution might sound too difficult and daunting for the common man (or woman). But in reality, all you need is a dose of solid information (and a bucket of sweat) to fix the problems pestering your garage doors. Depending on your present location, the local weather condition or the current season of the year, different sets of garage door problems might arise. To give you a clue on how you can fix the three most common garage door problems and perform a DIY garage door fix without calling the repair shop, here are some great tips that you can follow:

Problem 1 :  Garage door makes a screeching sound

Screeching garage doors are very annoying. Most of the time, these garage door problems are caused by old, rusty garage door springs and rollers. Garage doors are prone to this problem because of the building up of dirt and rust. This issue is quite normal and it can be easily fixed by applying a coating of liquid lubricant or any other silicone-based steel and metal lubricant. As much as possible, try not to use WD-40′s because they tend to attract a lot of dirt and dust over time. You will just end up having the same old problem after a couple of months.

The solution: Purchase a can of garage door lubricant to do the job for you and apply it on your garage door springs, garage door wheels and main hinges. Open your garage door manually 2-3 times to see if the lubricant has made an effect. Apply even portions especially on the garage door wheels and also apply the lubricant on your garage door’s screws to loosen up the tension. Don’t forget to disconnect your garage door from the automatic opener (if you have any) before doing this DIY garage door repair fix.

Here are some great garage door lubricants that you can use to solve this garage door problem:



Problem 2 :   Garage door doesn’t go down all the way

When your garage door goes down but doesn’t completely close itself before going back up, it might be caused by two problems: a faulty / misplaced sensor in the garage door opener track or an object blocking the eye of the door sensor. By now, you should know that garage doors have sensors which are usually located in the garage door opener track. It is a small sensor that is passed by the garage door when it goes down and is responsible for the opening and closing functions of your garage door. If the door sensor is passed by prematurely (meaning, your sensor is activated earlier than needed), it will cause the door to go up even before the door completely shuts down. In other words, the issue of prematurely closing and opening garage doors can be easily remedied just by the proper placement of the garage door sensors.

The Solution: To fix this problem, slide the sensor a little further down the garage door opener track until the door is able to close down properly. Proper  sensor realignment is also a recommended solution if there is an object blocking the eye of the garage door sensor. If you are still having problems with your garage door after realigning the garage door sensor, the problem might be in the sensor itself and you might just need to purchase a new one. There are a lot of available options depending on your garage door manufacturer so choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

If you are looking to shop for garage door sensor replacements, you can do so here:


Garage Door Problems 3 :  Remote-operated garage door won’t open

This is one of the most common garage door problems that people encounter frequently. In most situations, old batteries are the culprit for this problem. Replacing your remote with a set of fresh batteries will cure this issue 80% of the time. However, there might be instances when battery replacements simply aren’t enough.

Solution: You might want to check the range capacity of your garage door remote because the signal might not be received properly if you are too far from the garage door opener.Reprogramming the remote control of your garage door is also a good fix for the problem so try to see if it will work. If all else fails, you might need to seek the assistance of the nearest professional to help you troubleshoot the problem. You might also need to replace your garage door remote control in rare occasions so always be prepared if ever it happens.

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