Garage Door Insulation Tips : How to Insulate Your Garage Door Panels

Garage door insulation is an important task that every garage door owner should learn to prioritize. Because most garage doors are connected either directly or indirectly to another space in your house (such as your bedroom or living room), transferring the temperature of your garage to another room in your house is something that you do not want. If you are living in a place where the weather is cold and the temperature is low, proper garage door insulation will definitely help in lowering down the cost of your electric bills. And although much of the work sounds complicated, insulating a garage door is a task that is actually very easy to accomplish.

Is garage door insulation important ? 

Garage door insulation is effective for both extremely hot and cold weather conditions. When you are living in a place where the temperature is very hot, the build up of heat inside your house will force you to use more energy to cool your home. On the other hand, if you are living in a place where the temperature is extremely cold, you will need to balance the situation by heating up your home.

Garage Door Panel Insulation

Insulating garage doors  greatly improves the overall temperature of your home and reduces the energy consumption by balancing the temperature inside and outside your garage. Because garage doors are the biggest openings that can be found in any house, properly insulating them will reduce the drastic transfer of temperature from your garage to other adjacent rooms. Is garage door insulation important then? Yes. Very much.

First things first: Install a Garage Door Bottom Seal

Before you head on to insulating your garage door panels, you should first take into account the installation of a garage door bottom seal to the underside of your garage. This is important because it blocks any small entrance that will allow the temperature from the outside to seep into your garage.

So how do you insulate your garage door panels?

Garage door panel insulation is very easy to accomplish as long as you know what you are doing. To make your task a lot easier, be ready to have these things at your disposal:

  • T-square, metal ruler, tape measure or any other measuring device.
  • A pencil or any kind of marker (this will allow for accurate measurements)
  • A tool cutter, scissor or any other sharp cutting device
  • A large wooden board (this is where you will put down your garage door insulation kit for cutting)
  • A glue gun, a double-sided tape or Liquid Nails 
  • A garage door insulation kit (you can also use a styrofoam board or a polystyrene foam board covered with aluminum foil on one side as a an alternative if you want)

So with all of the materials ready, here are the instructions that you should follow:

Step # 1

Measure the size of of your garage door panels. You can use a t-square, tape measure or any other measuring device to help you on this step. Take the measurements of both the length and the width of the garage door panels and keep a paper and pen at hand so you can easily write down the exact measurements that you got.

Put in mind that not all panels have the exact same measurements. So to be on the safe side, try to measure at least 4 random panels from your garage door. If the first 4 garage door panels have the exact same measurements, you can safely assume that all the other panels measure the same.

Step # 2

Lay down a wooden board on the floor area of your workplace. This is to avoid scratching the floor when you start cutting the materials for your garage door insulation. Once you get the wooden board all set-up, lay down your insulation kit. There are a lot of door insulation kits available on the market depending on your needs and preferences. Some are made with vinyl cloth while some are made of polystyrene materials.

In case you want to be crafty, you can also create a DIY door insulation kit by covering one side of a styrofoam board with aluminum foil. But if you are looking for ready-made garage door insulation kits, you can shop for them here:

Step # 3

Mark your garage door insulation kit using the length and width measurements that you got from step 1. Make sure that your measurements are 100% accurate as you do not want to waste your door insulation kits. Using a pencil, make a straight line over your door insulation kit to mark the point where you are going to cut it down. Precision and patience is needed so proceed with care. Do not work with haste.

Using a tool cutter or a scissor, cut down your garage door insulation kit to resemble the shape of your garage door panels. The wooden board that you laid down earlier will act as a shield so that you won’t scratch the floor of your garage (or any other place in your house that you are using as a work space)

 Step # 4

Once you get your insulation kit cut properly to resemble the shape of your garage door panels, the next thing that you have to think about is how you would stick it to the door panels. An easy way to do this is to use a double-sided tape or a glue gun.

If you want to make sure that your door insulation kit will stick for a long time, another recommended tool that you can use is the Liquid Nail. It is a lot stronger than double-sided tapes and it doesn’t suffer from too much heat or cold the way that melted glue stick does. Just place some Liquid Nails on the sides and on the center of each garage door panel and be ready to stick your insulation kits

Step # 5

Finally, take your properly cut garage door insulation kit and stick them one by one to the panel of your garage doors. Make sure that they are fitted properly by pressing them down carefully to each square panel.

With that, your garage door insulation is now finished. Now you can enjoy a much more balanced temperature inside of your house by protecting and insulating the single, biggest opening in your house: your garage!

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