Garage Door Material : Steel vs Aluminum vs Wood?

When installing your first garage door (or replacing your old garage door with a new one), choosing the right garage door material for your home might be a tricky problem to solve. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right garage door materials such as the weather, the local temperature and the seasons that occur in your location. ┬áThe amount of rain or snow that falls in your place and the compatibility of the garage door material to the appearance of your home are also factors that you simply cannot ignore. Although today’s garage doors are already crafted from different materials, the three most popular materials for garage door are steel, aluminum and wood. To help you decide on what kind of garage door to purchase, let us discuss each one and see what garage door material perfectly fits your preferences and needs.

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Garage Door Material 1 : Steel

Probably the most popular garage door material around today, steel is chosen by people who want to have the best value for their garage door installations. Because garage door prices are not cheap and installing one requires quite a bit of monetary investment, installing a steel garage door will most probably bring  the best value for money over time. Steel garage doors are usually found in home and domestic installations because of their accessibility and affordability. Because a lot of manufacturers produce garage doors made of steel, finding the perfect size to fit your home is a lot easier to accomplish.

Steel garage doors are a lot lighter than wood and they are certainly much easier to maintain. Aside from that, they can be painted and customized to fit your home as you please. However, steel garage doors often suffer when it comes to electrical insulation. Especially when you are located in a place where rain or snow falls frequently, using steel garage door will give you problems if your electrical wiring aren’t done professionally. If you decide to use steel as your preferred garage door material, make sure that your electrical wiring are all in place.

Reminder : Steel garage doors possess steel panels that vary in thickness. As a rule, the lower the number of the steel panel gauge, the thicker the steel and the higher its quality. Good quality steel garage doors use panels that range from gauges 24-26.


wooden garage doors


Garage Door Material 2 : Aluminum

Aluminum is a garage door material that shares most of the characteristics of steel garage doors and they are also very much available in the market. Because they are much more lightweight and affordable compared to steel garage doors, aluminum garage doors are preferred by people who are looking to save money on their garage door installations. Garage door prices tend to become very expensive nowadays but with aluminum garage doors, you are always on the safe side. Garage doors made from aluminum do not rust, so it is another added advantage that you might consider. However, being relatively light and constructed from less-durable material, an aluminum glass door is much more susceptible to having dents compared to steel garage doors.

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Garage Door Material 3 : Wood

If you are looking to follow the tradition of old garage door installation, using wood for your garage door material is the best road to take. Although much heavier compared to steel and aluminum garage doors, wooden garage doors possess more aesthetic quality and appeal especially to people who own traditional-looking houses. Wooden garage doors can be carved and sculpted with designs and inscriptions, making them much more flexible if you are looking for style and appeal. The warmth of having a wooden garage door installed on your home also attracts the possibility of increasing the value of your house if ever you decide to sell it.

Using wood for your garage door material decreases your chances of suffering from poor electrical insulation because wood is a much better insulator compared to steel or aluminum. However, the downside of installing a wooden garage door is the increased maintenance and care that you must provide to protect your investment. Wooden garage doors attract termites and ant colonies especially if you are located in a tropical country. Investing on anti-termite cures and constant checking for maintenance is a must if ever you decide to use wood as a garage door material.

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