Garage door insulation and its importance to your home

Garage door insulation is one important point that you should consider whenever you have a garage door. The question “is garage door insulation important” has been asked a lot of times in the past and the answer for this is question is always a resounding “YES”. Depending on the temperature and weather in your location, insulating a garage door might be needed to improve the comfort in and around your house. Because garage door openings are usually large, containing the temperature that flows around your house might prove to be a problem without proper  insulation. If you plan to conserve energy and lower the cost of your electric bills, insulating garage doors is a practice that can definitely assist you in the long run.

Insulating Garage Door Panels

Why is it necessary to have garage door insulation? Is garage door insulation important?

As discussed in the opening paragraph, controlling the temperature is the main reason why garage door insulation is practiced. Whether you have a steel, wood or aluminum garage door, it is entirely important to have some kind of insulation. The flow of air in and out of the garage might prove to be a big problem especially if there is a big discrepancy in the outside temperature. For example, if the temperature outside the garage is below freezing, allowing it to spill inside the garage is not a good idea. Too much cold can cause your garage electronics to malfunction and it might even destroy the engine of your cars.

Some garage doors are also directly placed under or beside another room in most houses. If your garage door is not properly covered, you will pass on the temperature of the garage to these rooms. For example, if a room in your house is located directly above your garage door and your doors are not properly protecte, your electric bills will surely go up trying to balance the temperature once the garage passes on too much heat or cold.

There are some home owners who prefer to use their garage as workshops. If you are using your garage as a personal workshop, proper garage door insulation is needed to protect your tools. Well-covered garage doors normalize the temperature inside the garage to avoid the extreme heat or cold outside. If you are located in a place where snowstorms and blizzards occur, insulating a garage door panel might even spell the difference between safety and disaster.

If you are looking to insulate your garage doors, here is a garage door panel insulation article that you can use to help you with the task:

Other reasons why insulating a garage door is  important

Aside from controlling the outside temperature from spilling directly inside your garage, another important benefit of  insulating your garage door is the reduction of noise. Because insulated garage doors are usually padded with materials such as foam, wood and cloth, you are also reducing the outside noise by applying this to your home. If your garage door is located beside another room in your house, the noise from cars might cause a nuisance to the whole family. Covering up your garage door can help reduce the noise so you are basically hitting two birds with one stone with this method.


These are just a few of the most basic reasons why garage door insulation is important for your home. Controlling the temperature that flows in your garage can help not only reduce your electric bills but also protect your cars from extreme heat or cold. If you are using your garage door as a workshop and you want to work quietly during the night, covering and padding your garage door is also a great way to reduce the noise. If you haven’t tried insulating your doors yet, you should definitely consider doing it today. You can save not only money from your electric bills while also reducing outside noise so there is really no reason why you should not insulate your doors.

UPDATE : You can now read this step-by-step instructional article on how you can insulate a garage door by yourself. Check it out!

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Garage door insulation and its importance to your home

Garage door insulation is one important point that you should consider whenever you have a garage door. The question “is garage door insulation important”...

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